2018-09-18 10:56Press release

Linda Hellqvist rekryteras som ny CMO för Swiss Clinic

Linda Hellqvist, ny CMO på Swiss ClinicLinda Hellqvist, ny CMO på Swiss Clinic

About Swiss Clinic

Beauty company Swiss Clinic develops home beauty treatments which give both measurable and lasting effects. Since the very beginning, the aim has always been to provide high-tech clinical treatments for home use, but also to find new methods of treating skin problems that are considered unsolvable. Swiss Clinic has helped thousands of men and women to get rid of everything form acne scars to pigmentation and stretch marks. The company was founded in Sweden 2012. Today Swiss Clinic operates in nine countries with demand constantly increasing. The company´s in-house development team in Zürich plus the quality production facilities in Switzerland, Sweden and Italy are just some of the key factors on its success.


Sebastian Gordon
Sebastian Gordon
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Linda Hellqvist
Linda Hellqvist
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